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BHEC Moving to George H.W. Bush State Office Building in July

The Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council will be moving from its current office location in the William P. Hobby Jr. State Office Building to its new office in the George H.W. Bush State Office Building beginning on Thursday, July 7th.  Effective Monday, July 11th, 2022, the Council’s physical and mailing address will change from 333 Guadalupe St., Ste. 3-900, Austin, Texas 78701 to:

Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council
George H.W. Bush State Office Bldg.
1801 Congress Ave., Ste. 7.300
Austin, Texas 78701

In connection with this move, agency staff will not have access to the Council’s network or internet connection beginning on Wednesday, July 6th at 4pm.  This planned outage will extend through Monday, July 11th, but may extend through Wednesday, July 13th if difficulties are encountered.  Agency staff will not be able to access the network or respond to emails during this planned outage and the Council’s website, which includes our Contact Us webpage, will be inaccessible as well.  Additionally, the Council’s phone system will be offline beginning Wednesday, July 6th at 4pm through the duration of the network outage, so agency staff will not be able to receive or make phone calls during this time period.  Therefore, members of the public should plan accordingly and expect staff to be unavailable during this time frame.

If you need to access the Council’s online licensing system during this planned outage for renewal, an address or name change, etc., you may access the system directly (i.e., without going through the Council’s website) by clicking here.  Licensees are encouraged to save the direct access link (https://vo.licensing. for the online licensing system for use during this planned outage.

Applicants and licensees are also encouraged to download or print off any rulebooks, How-to-User Guides, or forms they may need to reference during this planned outage.

While every effort has been made to ensure a smooth transition and speedy return to service following the move, the public should anticipate some inconvenience during the Council’s move.  To that end, licensees and members of the public are encouraged to share this notification with their friends and colleagues to ensure a high level of preparedness for this planned outage.

Posted on June 2, 2022

Paper License Applications Being Phased Out

As part of the ongoing efforts to improve efficiency within the agency, the Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council (BHEC) is pleased to announce that on April 18th BHEC will add the following applications to our online licensing system:

  • License Reinstatement (for licenses that have been retired or expired for one year or more)
  • Psychologist Temporary License
  • Psychological Associate Temporary License

These represent the final remaining license applications to be moved to the online system. 

***Effective Monday, April 18, 2022 BHEC will no longer accept paper applications for licensure.  All applications for licensure must be submitted via the online system.***

Any paper applications received on or after April 18th will be returned to the sender directing them to apply online.

On April 18th a detailed “How-To Guide” for the new online applications will be posted on the BHEC website here

Discontinuance of Renewal Permits

The Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council voted to discontinue printing and mailing renewal permits at its October 27, 2020 regular meeting.  This decision was made in-part because licensees are no longer required to display a renewal permit alongside their license and because the information contained in renewal permits is now available through the Council’s online license verification system. 

Beginning November 16th, the Council will no longer print or mail renewal permits when licensees renew their license.  Licensees may verify whether their license has been renewed through the Council’s online verification system and print out the status of their license if proof is needed, e.g. to submit to an insurance company.  The information available through the online verification system is both accurate and based upon agency records, and is considered primary source verification.

Lastly, licensees can still order a renewal permit through the Council’s online licensing system, if they so desire.  The cost for ordering a renewal permit is $10.

Posted on November 5, 2020